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Do you own or manage a small, mid or medium-size business?
Does your company depend on information & technology to do business, compete, and remain competitive?

Are constant system downtimes and viruses attacks frustrating you? Are you concerned about security threats to your systems, data, and client data? Are you tired of all that spam yet? Have you had enough of the ‘organizational salute’ where it always seems to be someone else’s problem? Are you unable to find a company that is willing to be responsible in resolving your issues?

Are you interested in securing your systems, drastically lowering downtime, and improving the productivity of your employees? Are you interested in streamlining your operations? Are you interested in building a relationship with an experienced partner to grow your company and not just apply band-aids as needed?

Do you have questions but don’t know what solutions are out there, don’t know what would work best for you, and don’t even know whom to turn to for answers?

GlobaTEK can help.

In our years of experience serving business we have discovered that most companies have problems, they don’t know what solutions are available, and what they can do to move their business forward using technology. The number one need has been to find a partner in whom they have confidence, one who builds trust, one to which they can turn, and one who has the company'sbest interests at heart.  Unfortunately most companies find IT consultants that are reactive and show up only when there are problems.

We are a proactive company.  We bring ideas to the table, give you options and implement solutions that work.

You have come to the right company.

The Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Information Technology To GlobaTEK

     .   Concentrate on your Core Business.
     .   Service is flexible and scalable.
     .   Access to broad technical expertise.
     .   Reduced management overhead.
     .   Increased employee productivity.
     .   Responsibility for problem resolution.
     .   Proactive business approach.

At GlobaTEK, we understand the unique information technology needs of a wide spectrum of industries.

We provide technology support and planning to companies such as law firms, architectural firms, engineering & construction companies, accounting/financial services companies, manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, insurance firms, entertainment, not-for-profit organizations and just about any type of business or organization you may have.

They all share a common ground—the need for a professional IT outsourcing partner that has a deep knowledge base of business environments.

We partner with you to create effective and efficient solutions that produce breakthrough results using technology.

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